Give Me A Reason (2011)

reason -

Model: Nadina

Thirteen Days of Faithlessness (2009)

Model: LD

Aurora (2009)


Model: Ann-Mary

Rain (On Sunny Days) (2009)

Model: LD

L’Évidence Éternelle III (2009)

evidence3 -

Model: Z.

L’Évidence Éternelle II (2009)

evidence2 -

Model: Z.

L’Évidence Éternelle I (2009)

evidence1 -

Model: Z.

Hey, Johnny! (2009)

Model: Z.

A Cold And Grey Chicago Mornin’ (2008)

chicago -

She’s the King.

The Offering (W.I.P., 2007)


The Offering – A work in progress (2007)

Based on images done by myself, stock photos from resurgere, mjranum-stock and

Been working on this one for four or five days. I don’t have to much time at the moment since I’m busy with some other ‘projects’ (Hey, Z.!), but I hope I’m gonna finish it somewhen next week. It definitely needs more detail-work and some other elements.

Sorry for the huge watermark, but i’ve seen too many of my photomanipulations and illustrations show up somewhere on the web and I don’t want this one to be stolen especially since I’m not too shure about the way it turns out. Maybe you’ll never see it again, but I wanted to show it at this stage of progress for some reason.